How can you guarantee satisfaction?

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Shingle manufacturers cannot warranty their products against hail damage or damaged caused by blows to the shingle. And, the quickest way to void a shingle warranty is to improperly install it.

We ask our customers to be patient when it comes to the installation of their new roof. And, the weather is the most important factor in deciding when to install. If you spend much time driving around town, you'll discover many roofers work through the winter. 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM does not. The reason is, we can't guarantee the installation if it's too cold and the shingles don't seal down.

While we have a good relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers' representatives, a prematurely installed roof creates a potentially awkward situation for everyone involved if it isn't warm enough for the shingles to have a chance to seal down.

Anyone who has lived here a while, knows we get a lot of wind in the Black Hills. The problem isn't necessarily the wind, it's the dust and dirt carried by that wind. If the seal strips printed on under side of the shingles are contaminated by dust and dirt, it's likely your roof will NEVER seal down properly. As a result, sooner or later, you'll end up with a wind-damaged roof and be facing yet another claim and another deductible.

Of course, it can be avoided if your roofing contractor does what's in your best interest, not his. At 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM, we do what's in our customer's best interest. That means we wait until the weather is conducive to properly installing your roof.

We need 5 hours per day, 5 days in a row, with a temperature of at least 55 degrees for a guaranteed installation. If we follow this formula, our manufacturers provide the necessary support and backing for our 100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee.

At 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM, we believe it is worth an extra few weeks to provide our customers with the confidence of a guaranteed installation. Let the other guys roll the dice... and rest assured, as soon as the weather is warm enough, we'll be in touch.

The most valuable thing you give us isn't your check. It's your trust! And at 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM, we promise to earn that trust.


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