The rain gutter system on your home is an essential component to protecting your home against water damage. Rusted and leaking gutters can do as much damage as a leaky roof.

Choosing a gutter system can be somewhat confusing. They come in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from inexpensive vinyl gutters to very expensive copper ornamental gutters.

When deciding whether to buy sectional or seamless gutters, we advise folks to not allow price to be the only consideration. Choosing a seamless gutter made of steel or aluminum will assure that your gutter purchase will be a one-time, investment that adds value to your home.

1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM are made from the highest gauge metals available for seamless gutters. Our systems make five-inch and six-inch gutters, which have a significantly higher capacity than the old four-inch gutters, giving your home better protection during major rain and snow events.

Yes, sectional gutters sold in home improvement retailers are less expensive. But you get what you pay for. These gutters snap together or are glued to give you the length you need. They are notorious for leaking.

1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM are created right on site and are custom fit to your roof, so there’s no chance of scratching or denting during transportation to your job site. Because they are one-piece lengths, they are much less likely to have leaks in the future. And, of course, 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM are installed by trained professionals and your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.

For most applications, we recommend aluminum. It is relatively inexpensive, lightweight, rust proof, very strong and comes in many colors. This excellent material, formed into the “K” design, gives your home a nicely finished “crown molding” effect.

Steel is also a good choice. It is actually a bit stronger than aluminum and should resist rust for many years. Since the Black Hills are really in an arid part of the country, steel may be over-kill for our region.

Finally, copper is the most expensive seamless cutter material choice. It is very strong and rust-proof. The material itself is quite expensive. Also, customers who want to maintain the bright, shiney finish, must also pay for treated copper that won’t tarnish with time. Without the treatment, copper will eventually take on a greenish patina that many find attractive.

Installation of copper can also add to your costs. Installers must take special care to avoid contact with oils from their skin. This slows the process and drives the price up. The end product, however makes a beautiful statement about the elegance of your home and the pride you take in it.

1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM is eager to help you put this functional and attractive finishing touch on your home.


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