1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM will provide assistance throughout each step of the insurance claim process, including, as a courtesy to the homeowner, joining the adjuster for the initial inspection and damage assessment.

If necessary, we will handle all claim supplements, and we will be involved in every step of the process including phone and email correspondence and invoicing. You can relax while our trained professionals work with either the local adjusters or the visiting catastrophe claims specialists. When it comes time to perform your installation, you can expect the same level of quality and craftsmanship as we performed during the initial stages of your project.

At 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM, we want be your go-to contractor for your next insurance claim.

Once the adjuster prepares a repair summary, he will provide you with a copy of the claim settlement. This will be an itemized list of materials with an estimated cost of repairs. In most cases, the information he provides is accurate, however, in the unlikely event there are items missed or discrepancies, 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM will work with the adjuster to discuss our findings and make the necessary corrections.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies grant full replacement cost insurance. Your payment will likely be issued in two separate checks depending on the age and condition of your roof. The first check is issued for you to contract with a professional like 1•2•3 Roofing & Seamless GuttersTM. Once repairs are completed and final invoices are submitted, you will receive your final check to pay our outstanding balance. In many cases, we can submit a copy of the signed contract outlined in Step 1 (see Our Process page) and your insurance company will immediately issue final payment to you so when we are finished, we can close your project.


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