Is this the year you put your roof to work for you?

Three simple facts make right now the time to consider installing solar on your home.

FACT 1: Solar is one of the most abundant and reliable renewable resources available to us today.

FACT 2: Over the last few years, technology changes have made solar more affordable and effective in terms of harvesting energy.

FACT 3: With a 30 percent Tax Credit from the government, on average, a solar array will pay for itself in five to seven years. The average array lifespan is 25 years, allowing for an 18- to 20-year potential return on investment.

1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ assures you your Andalay solar energy system installation will be hassle-free. Read the components and benefits of the company’s installation process.

Permitting: 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ will assist you throughout the entire permitting process.

Professional Installation: 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ qualified installers bring with them experience installing solar systems, with outstanding support from the Andalay company.

Solar Panels: 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ chose Andalay because of its patented frame encasing solar panels. The design is of the highest quality and integrates ground, wiring and racking, making the installation much safer than its competitors.

Inverter: Andalay’s Enphase industry-leading inverter, and their state-of-the-art monitoring system assists you in keeping track of your system’s output and operation.

Secure System: All of Andalay’s flashings, fittings and brackets, are provided by Andalay and 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ in order toassure reliable high performance and security.

Monitoring: After 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ installs your Andalay solar energy system, Andalay monitors each panel’s performance with its software ensuring your home the most energy possible from the system.

Testing & Quality Assurance: 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ and Andalay tests your system and conducts a comprehensive quality assurance inspection to make sure your system operates smoothly.

Interconnection with Grid: 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ works directly with your electric energy provider to acquire the correct permissions to operate your Andalay system with the utility, to provide you with the cleanest possible energy.

Customer Service: 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ takes tremendous pride in providing continuous customer service that is responsive you your needs and backs its installation with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

BEAUTIFUL: You won't see any ugly wiring or metal racking with an Andalay solar system because they mount flush to the roof, and they can be mounted beautifully on any type of roof.
SAFER: The genius of an Andalay solar system's wiring is that it is built right into the fram, so there are no hazardous dangling wires. And the system requires no additional wiring.
EASIER: You can have your Andalay solar system installed and begin saving cash in just a few easy steps. 1•2•3 Roofing, Seamless & Solar™ will answer your questions and make sure you are happy every step along the way.

1•2•3 Simple. 1•2•3 Easy. 1•2•3 Done!